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Evolving cloud capabilities to bring technology powered business transformation

Technology Infrastructure Technology Infrastructure

The saga of success attributable to our team is scripted in the process of building an early state-of-the-art heterogeneous private cloud and further transforming it into a highly agile and scalable heterogeneous hybrid cloud with Poly-Cloud, Multi-CDN infrastructure which sees multiple petabytes of Bandwidth consumption every month and Multi-OEM storage & compute with multi petabytes of storage.

Working on infrastructure optimization based on data and accelerating new infrastructure provisioning, our team has progressively achieved intelligent automation to help increase consistency, speed and quality in business operations. Having exhaustively and extensively worked on separating and modularising the code within our application, our team has provided critical facilitation support to the development teams that manage each of these.

Currently, the organization uses more than 100+ open-source technologies and is an active contributor in giving back to the open-source community

From building the state-of-the-art heterogeneous multi-hypervisor journey on private cloud-like using some of the world’s best hypervisors to moving to micro-services using containers was a journey we cherish. We continue to evolve our cloud capabilities as part of our strategy to bring about technology-powered business transformation. Now, we are taking advantage of the cloud-first foundation and making sure all our people actively embrace a cloud-native culture. The cloud adoption started as early as 2013 with private cloud and eventually scaled heavily with the world’s best in class hyper-scale public cloud providers as a poly-cloud infrastructure. By incorporating multiple clouds, engineers were able to achieve a high level of agility and match each part of their business to a specific provider's setup and execution terms. With the right expertise within the team in hand, we were able to achieve complete agility and workload mobility between heterogeneous cloud platforms, storage, and hypervisors and allowed businesses to scale their storage up or down based on an ongoing demand.

A Spine & Leaf Network architecture for horizontal hyper-scaling to build a robust and scalable network layer with high availability with the help of multi-Data Centre deployments. Dark fiber connectivity also has been implemented across the data centers for low latency networks and also a software-defined hybrid network environment.

Adopting open-source technologies to remain ahead of the curve in terms of performance and user experience. The enhanced technological support infrastructure we have created provides a whole new platform that empowers the impetus to develop products and features, providing our development teams with the advantage of potential access to the Backend layer and Modularisation