Refund Policy

Updated in February 2024 

Refund & Cancellation Policy

This Refund & Cancellation Policy  (“Policy”) is made effective immediately by Ver Se Innovation Private Limited, having its place of business at 11th  Floor, Wing E, Helios Business Park, Outer Ring Road, Kadubeesanahalli, Bengaluru- 560103, Karnataka, India  (“VerSe” or “ our” or “We”).


VerSe business partners may request to cancel the Ad campaign provided by VerSe to its client/ business partners ( “Services” or “Campaign” )  through by a written request to the support team by email as per our business hours.  The clients can request for cancellation for:

  1. An order to place an ad campaign through the :
    In case an order for an ad campaign is cancelled, the amount already spent by VerSe on executing the advertising campaign as per the plan purchased by the client, will be deducted from the  total amount of the order, and the balance amount will be transferred to the  clients as  Ad credits.

  2. A subscription to a paid service with a defined period of use/service:
    Client can opt to cancel any subscription based plan (if any) or service purchased or subscribed to from VerSe. The amount refunded will be computed on a pro-rata basis for the period of service, i.e. the amount consumed will be calculated as per the number of days from the start date of the service till the date the cancellation was requested.
    The balance amount will be transferred to the clients as VerSe Ad Credits.

  3. Client cannot cancel training programs or service charges for training that are included in any subscription services purchased from VerSe (If any).


Client may request for a refund from a client’s VerSe Ad Credits. We will assess refund requests from client on their merit, considering the nature of the services and the preview available before payment.

In case we approve the request for a refund, we will process the refund within ninety days (90) days of the request. Based on the nature of the service and full discretion of the team, the following charges could be deducted from the amount approved by the VerSe Team:

    • Advances or charges incurred by VerSe with advertising platforms or third party service providers for the services desired by you at the time of purchase.

    • Resource charges incurred towards the services desired by you at the time of purchase.

    • Any liability incurred by VerSe due to government taxes or GST.

You will receive the final amount after deduction of all the above mentioned deductions or any other charges incurred by VerSe on account of your purchase.